What I want to highlight in this article is the importance of personal growth, money creation and wealth creation in general, in addition to concepts like The Law of Attraction. It’s a challenge to keep that in mind when you’re up against many different self-proclaimed experts out there in the world today who’d love to sell you on their products and ‘guarantees’ in the form of books, videos and all sorts of other ideas that don’t even apply to your situation. However, there are stand outs in the realm of personal growth books and courses: Bob Proctor has created a marvelous course called The Science of Getting Rich – based on the book by Wallace D. Wattles.

Making Personal Growth Plans

When it comes to great personal growth plans, The Science of Getting Rich involves some sort of goal or vision for your life and the world. This is an extremely important aspect in any plan, which is why it should be so essential to the success of any project. After all, if you can’t see yourself and your goals within, you can’t achieve them.


One of the best ways to enhance your personal development and wealth creation is to use the power of visualization and positive thinking. The visualisation of your success is by far the best way to reach that goal, because it provides focus for you and your thoughts and keeps you focused.

By using this type of plan, it also teaches you how to remain in control of your circumstances and self-discipline, because it helps to instill self-confidence and keeps you from allowing others to dictate your choices and decisions. By keeping these two aspects in check, you can become much more successful and effective.

Benefits of Planning

Another benefit of this type of plan is that it teaches you how to manage and avoid the pitfalls that are detrimental to your efforts and commitments, which bring about the strict discipline that you need to be successful in any endeavor. By implementing the principles of visualization and positive thinking, it becomes so much easier to build up a positive outlook for the future and take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

Balance is a vital part of this type of development plan, because it creates a consistent way of living and it’s so much easier to maintain long-term success when you have a good set of rules and guidelines. Of course, there are many other benefits of using a plan such as this, such as training you how to manage your finances better, teaching you how to manage time better and a great deal more.

There are a lot of different points that you could cover and I’ve touched on just a few of them above. For a full outline of what I’ve written here, go ahead and look around at the website and I’m sure you’ll be able to find many more benefits that it can offer you.

Take this journey of personal growth and wealth creation and be a winner in life. You can do it!